Disability, Equality & Diversity Scheme

The Disability, Equality & Diversity group meet termly to evaluate access to the centre environment and activities for service users who may experience barriers to their participation. This group is involved in gathering information, setting action plans and monitoring their impact. The group comprises of a range of centre users, e.g. centre staff, governors, health colleagues and other agencies based at the centre.

It is the responsibility of the group, together with the senior leadership team, to monitor the impact of all of the centres policies that are new or under review to consider the impact of that policy on the groups described within the accessibility statement below.

Accessibility Statement 2020

Action Plans 2016 - 2019 :

30 hours childcare       Outdoor Learning     Autism Spectrum      Vulnerable Families

Disability Equality Scheme 2013 - 2016 :

Access to lunch club / full day provision

Objective  Outcome 
Ensure access to lunch club for children with additional needs is fairly allocated.  Achieved.
Ensure access to day care provision for children with additional needs is fairly allocated. Achieved.
Investigate possible funding streams to support access to lunch club / daycare. Partly achieved.
Establish a clear policy for access to lunch club / daycare that is fair for children with additional needs. Achieved.
Explore the needs for dedicated spaces for children with additional needs during the year. In progress.

Meeting the needs of children and families with EAL

Objective  Outcome 
Clear welcome in Reception area.  Achieved.
Clear pathway for signposting families to support access where needed. In progress.
Support access for parents to get involved in their children's learning. Ongoing.
Enable families with EAL to feel they belong and are making a contribution to the community. Ongoing.

Intergenerational participation

Objective Outcome 
Establish a broader range of ages of people participating in the life of the school and children's centre community. Ongoing.
Increase involvement of people in the community and sense of belonging.  
Children will experience and realte to a wider age range of people.  
Children and families will benefit from the skills of people in the community. Partly achieved. Ongoing.
Increase children's access to activities by being supported by grandparents and other relatives. Achieved.


Disability & Accessibility Plan 2010-2013 :

Objective  Outcome 
Carry out impact assessment for all reviewed and new policies. Achieved.
Parents of new children with additional needs will have their needs met in terms of feeling included in nursery life.


Staff feel confident and are skilled in supporting children with additional needs in their learning.


Increase accessible equipment and activities for children.

Partly achieved. Ongoing.

Move disabled parking space nearer to entrance.

Not achieved.

Review and improve inclusion strategies for children with ASD.