Specialist Provision

Our Grasshoppers class is run by class teacher Helen Woodhall. This is a specialist class which meets the needs of children with autism or significant social communication difficulties. This class is staffed at a higher adult : child ratio. It provides a highly structured session using specific strategies and a low distraction environment.

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Key Person

Your child is given a designated Key Person who will be at hand to welcome your child, get to know them as a person and as a learner, welcome you, answer any questions you may have and act as first port of call to the Nursery School.

Your child's key person will have regular informal and occasional formal discussions with you to ensure our partnership with you is maintained and strengthened. It is important for your child's welfare and learning that we maintain close links with you and that you feel able to talk to us and seek advice. We will do everything we can to ensure your child has an excellent start to their school experience at Lanterns.

Your child's key person will be keeping records and observations of your child's progress using Tapestry, our online learning journal. You will be asked to sign up for Tapestry when your child starts Nursery and are encouraged to include your own observations in their journal so that we can see how they are learning at home and celebrate milestones achieved.

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Meet our Specialist provision team

Our class day :

Morning Session :

8.45am - 9.15am   The children arrive and are supported to access structured play activities.

9.15am   Attention Autism Session. This is a structured group session which focuses on developing the children's attention and listening skills using very motivating activities. It incorporates opportunities to learn how to take a turn in a game and to independently carry out a simple activity.

9.45am  Garden Time. The children are supported to access play activities in the garden. This session builds in opportunities to learn social, communication and play skills.

10.15am  Snack Time. The children all sit down together to have snack. This ession focuses on developing social skills, independence and communication skills.

10.30am  Independent Work Time. The children are supported to access structured play activities and work individually on independent work in a low distraction space. At this time the children may also carry out specific targets they are working on.

11.00am  Attention Autism Literacy. This is the second strcutured group session which uses the same format as the first session to introduce the childrento a new story each week.

11.30am  Ball Pool / Light Room / Meadow / Big Playground. The session finishes with free play in one of these spaces.

11.45am  Home time.


Afternoon session :

The afternoon sessions runs in the same way.

12.45pm - 1.15pm  The children arrive and are supported to access structured play activities.

1.15pm  Attention Autism Session.

1.45pm  Garden Time.

2.15pm  Snack Time.

2.25pm  Independent Work Time.

3.00pm  Attention Autism Literacy.

3.15pm  Ball Pool / Light Room / Meadow / Big Playground.

3.45pm  Home time.

Grasshopper News : Please remember to check your Tapestry journals to find out what your children have been doing this week !