3/4 year old provision

Our Butterflies class is run by class teacher Lydia Dutter. All children have an allocated key person who will be your main point of contact.

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Key Person

Your child is given a designated Key Person who will be at hand to welcome your child, get to know them as a person and as a learner, welcome you, answer any questions you may have and act a first port of call to the Nursery School.

Your child's key person will have regular informal and occasional formal discussions with you to ensure our partnership with you is maintained and strengthened. It is important for your child's welfare and learning that we maintain close links with you and that you feel able to talk to us and seek advice. We will do everything we can to ensure your child has an excellent start to their school experience whilst at Lanterns.

Your child's key person will be keeping records and observations of your child's progress using Tapestry, our online learning journal. You will be asked to sign up for Tapestry when your child starts Nursery and are encouraged to include your own observations in their journal so that we can see how they are learning at home and celebrate milestones achieved.

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Meet our Butterflies team

Our Class Day

Morning Session :

8:45 - 9.15 – The children arrive.

9.15 – 11.20 - Continuous provision (*) free-flow play, child initiated. There may also be an opportunity to take part in an adult directed activity.

During the morning – A daily language group and an attention and listening group take place for a selected group of children.

From 10am onwards – Snack time, children are all invited to have snack.

During the morning - Children sit down for group/story time.

11.20 – Tidy up time. Each base has tidy up music that the children learn to relate to tidying up. Children are encouraged to tidy up after themselves with adult support.

11.30 – Singing time. Children return to their family groups for singing time.

11.45 – Home time for the children only doing the morning session. Some children go into lunch club, supported by the lunch staff.

* Continuous provision – enhanced daily and weekly activities to support and develop children’s interests, skills, developmental ability and facilitate opportunities related to the time of year or particular topic / focus areas.

Afternoon session :

The afternoon session runs in the same way.

12.45 – 1:15 – Children arrive

1.15 – 3.20 – Continuous provision (see above)

During the afternoon – Language Group / Attention & Listening Group

2.00 – Snack time

During the afternoon – Group / story time

3.20 - Tidy up time

3.30 – Story/singing time

3.45 / 4.00 – Children go home (unless staying for home from home club)

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Classroom News :

Click here to find out about our recent activities.

Please remember to check your Tapestry journals to find out what your children have been doing this week !