Meet the Team

 Lynsay Website Admin Team Website  Joss Website 
 Lynsay (Acting Headteacher) Reception Team   Joss (Extended Services) 
 Mandy Website Sandrine Website  Helen A Website
Mandy (Bumblebees Manager)  Sandrine (Bumblebees Administrator) 

Helen (Bumblebees Class)

Katie Website Lizzie Website   Dee Website
Katie (Bumblebees Class)  Lizzie (Grasshooper Class) Dee (Bumblebees Class) 
  Kerry Website  Liz Website 
Lydia (Butterflies  & Dragonflies Class Teacher)  Kerry (Butterflies Class)  Liz (Ladybird Class) 
  Jeanette Website  
Steven Bowler  Janette (Bumblebee Class) Lana (Butterflies & Dragonflies Class) (Home from Home Club, Monday and Tuesday)
Cathy Website Becci Website  

Cathy (Dragonflies Class) (Home from Home Club, Thursday and Fridays)

Becci (Dragonflies Class) Kay Clark (Butterflies Class)
  Lucy Website  
Helen (Ladybirds & Butterflies Class Teacher) Lucy (Ladybirds Class)(Wellbeing Practitioner) Stephanie Venier (Butterflies Class)(Home from Home Club, Wednesday) 
 Fiona S Website    Sarah G Website
Fiona (Butterflies Class)   Ellie Jennings (Grasshopper Class) Sarah (Grasshoppers Class) 
 Gemma Website   Sarah W Website 
Gemma (Grasshoppers & Ladybirds Class)  Sue (Inclusion Leader) Sarah (Communications Practitioner) (Home from Home Club, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
Emma Website  Natalie Website  Kally Website
Emma (Early Support Worker) Natalie (TOP Worker) Kally (Lunchtime Staff)
   Liz (Lunchtime Staff) Lindsey Gibson  (Lunchtime Staff)